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Crew Structure for HOP2019

Thank you for showing interest being a crew member in HOP2019! This year crew has a brand new layout, and I am super excited to share it with you now.

Essentially there will be 8 different types of crew, which are described below:

Jokers - these people are the friendly faces of the crew, that help hand out food and wristbands, and generally help wherever is required. These people can have shifts at any time of day, and will spend most of their time chatting to participants and getting free food.

Roadies - these people are the backbone of the HOP, that build the events, load the vans and have great camaraderie. It will be mostly afternoon shifts, but morning is also possible.

Bartenders - do you have bartending experience? Then being a bartender might be for you! You will be able to tap beer, pour wine, and have great banter with the participants. Of course, the shifts will be in the afternoon and evening, and need to be able to deal with queues.

Getaway Drivers - if you can legally drive in the netherlands, we need you to drive the van! We have a van that transports all the important tables, bars and other items, so it will be crucial that you can get between A to B without too much road rage. But there will be a kickass playlist and plenty of laughs to keep you going!

Castle Black Crew - these heroes, previously known as the Night Crew , watch over the participants in the dorms, and make sure that they are okay. It requires you to be nocturnal and responsible, but you will be compensated for your time.

Presenters - This year we are introducing a new media section called the Presenters, who will report on the events of HOP19 and create videos to publish on social media. Our head presenter, Paul, will need a cameraman, an editor and an assistant to bring this to life, so if you spend more time on instagram than asleep - this is for you!

Tarantinos - We need someone to film the week for the infamous aftermovie, which will later be edited by us so if you like to view life from a distance and have a good camera, you would fit right in.

Paparazzi - These are the photographers that record the week, its glorious participants and get great photos for us to use the following year in the magazine and as advertisement. If you have a camera and want to expand your portfolio, become an attenborough!

If you do 3 or more shifts, then you get free access to the parties and other events in the HOP as a little thank you from us as it is the crew that keep everything going.

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